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Pandit Charan Girdhar Chand

Pandit Chand, the eldest son and disciple of Legendary Late Nrityacharya Narayan Prasadji of Jaipur Gharana, inherited the sense of rhythm in his genes. He began to learn Kathak from his father at an early stage and made his debut as a dancer at the age of 10 at the All India Music Conference Baroda. Having performed all over the world including India, Paris, USA, UK, Guyana, Surinam, Barbados, Bangkok and Mauritius, Pandit Chand is now based in Singapore. He still performs, choreographs, sings, and composes for his musicals and publics performances. He also continues to teach younger generations, hoping to continue the legacy of Kathak and Indian classical dance.


Ramni Kashyap

Ramni Kashyap has been performing since the age of 12 and has graduated from the University of Chandigarh with a degree in dance. She trained under Shobha Kausar at Prachin Kala Kendra in Chandigarh. Her shift to Singapore soared her interest in dance to a professional level and she has performed lead roles in various dance productions as well as become an accomplished choreographer. Her skills and talents spill over to set designing, costume designing, etc. She has since completed her Masters Degree (Nritya Bhaskar) in Kathak Dance under the tutelage of Pandit Chand.



Aditi Kashyap

Aditi has been learning Kathak since the age of five. Her interest in dance continued and she later went on to learn various other forms of dance including Bollywood, bhangra, salsa and belly dancing. She is a full-time writer by profession at, while she continues to pursue her passion for dance by giving occasional public performances at festivals and cultural shows.


Amit Kashyap

Amit is a self-taught beatboxer, having learnt his vocal skills through watching YouTube videos of his favourite beatboxing artists such as Dharni. Through constant practicing and experimenting with new sounds, he eventually gained the confidence to participate in competitions and beatbox battles. His credentials include ‘Top 3 Beatbox Battle Royale’ and ‘Top 3 SG National Champs 2016’. He is currently a member of the Singapore Beatbox Association and conducts beatbox lessons for Beginner and Intermediate beatboxers to improve in the following elements – sound quality, sound library, sound placement, creativity, structure of performances, crowd control, performer persona and battle style.

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